Personalised Kits

Personalised, Custom and One-off Kits

If you're looking for the perfect gift or something a bit more personal for your home or office, then we can create a customised kit just for you.

Personalised kits can be the perfect gift for someone special. Be it an 'in joke', a commonly said phrase, a quote from an obscure TV show or Movie or a favourite swear word, we can create a kit just for you!
If you would like more details on personalised and custom made kits, please contact me via the Contact Us page giving details on the sort of thing you are after including what you want the pattern to say, colours, illustrations.... basically as much detail as possible!

Each design is priced individually and I will keep in close contact with you as the design process takes place to ensure you are happy with the final pattern.

Please note that the maximum design size will fit either a 6 inch or 7 inch round hoop (smaller can be offered on request) and turn around time will be around 2 weeks, so please leave plenty of time when placing your order.